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We are specialists in the supplying of whisky oak shavings and dust

for the quality conscious customer.

Our shavings have been tested and passed by the Macaulay Institute.

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We have a purpose built machine that only takes off the inside of the wooden stave.

This leaves the outer skin which eliminates any contamination.


Our product is freshly shaved “wet” oak staves from retired whisky barrels. “Wet” staves come from barrels that have until very recently held cask strength whisky and therefore the wood is still well soaked in whisky. We only shave from the inside of the stave to ensure a clean product . Whisky barrels are usually charred on the inner side, converting the cellulose, lignins and tannins of the oak wood into sugars, vanillin and esters which give each whisky its character and colour. The barrels we use have usually had two lives, firstly in the American Bourbon trade or as Spanish Sherry casks and then in the Scottish Whisky Industry .You will see small charred pieces in our shavings which impart a unique sweet taste.   One of our major customers tells us that they prefer our shavings as they burn evenly through the night , impart a pinker colour to smoked fish and meat and a give a more subtle taste.  Our shavings have been tested as suitable for food industry use.

We can provide shavings or Dust. Please specify your preference. Shavings are better for starting the smoking process as they burn hotter . They are usually damped down by top dressing of Dusts which then smoulder for a long period to produce a “cold smoke”. If you prefer to “hot smoke “ you can use shavings for the whole smoking period. The shavings can also be added to your BBQ to give a new dimension in taste . We advise wetting the shavings with water as you light the BBQ, let the shavings drip dry and throw on the BBQ for the last half hour while your food is cooking.

We can supply shavings and Dusts in larger quantities on request.

Please contact us on 01466702212 , 07884272248 or [email protected] for an estimate of cost and delivery.


Barrel Creations is a small family run business based in Speyside, the heartland of the Scottish whisky industry. We have been producing Whiskey barrel oak shavings by hand since 1982, supplying some of the best known Smokehouses in Scotland. With recent investment in new machinery, we are also now seeking to expand this side of our business.

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Clean shavings and dust - High quality from the outset ensures top quality end products.

We supply to some of Britain's most prestigious smoke houses and also to the home enthusiast.  


Home smoker : Small Bags Of Whisky Oak shavings

From : 400g to just over 1Kg


Home smoker : Small Bags Of Whisky Oak Dust  

From : 400g to just over 1Kg


We supply the trade with 10kg bags of Whisky Oak Shavings and 15kg bags of Whisky Oak Dust.


Please contact us for bulk prices and quantities.